Cross-Cut - Maintain roads faster and easier  

Whether you are a township trustee, with 50 miles of roads, or you're in charge of maintaining an agricultural, oilfield, or industrial facility, the CROSS-CUT offers an efficient method of maintaining a smooth driving surface.

Faster travel speed, with less power required than a motor grader, means that labor, fuel and equipment costs are significantly reduced. Less costs per mile allow for more frequent maintenance, resulting in happier drivers.

Cross-cut style blades attack washboards, ruts and pot holes from opposing angles, leaving a smoother surface in one pass, without removing the road material. Gravel is blended with fines, bringing larger aggregate to the surface. Save money by reclaiming the gravel that's already in the road bed.

Neutral, side to side material flow allows for travel in either direction, without causing windrowing. Stops and starts can be evened out. Washouts, bridge approaches and irregularities are more easily repaired. Pull-type design, and tandem wheels allow blades to float over sunken culverts, or soft spots, and to level off high spots.

The CROSS-CUT offers an unmatched ability to quickly and easily maintain driving surfaces, without requiring the skill of an experienced heavy equipment operator. Simply lower the cutting edges below the surface and drive. Precise blade depth and directional control is not as critical as with a moldboard style grader. Since no windrow is caused by the CROSS-CUT, the inherent danger of a windrow in the center of a road is removed. Safety is enhanced with high visibility warning lights and reflectors.
Cutting edges are high carbon, 1"(25mm) thick, double beveled, and hardfaced for long life. Segmented blades allow for easy rotation from side to side, or front to back, to keep a flatter driving surface. Large tires, mounted on walking-beam tandem wheels, provide flotation and smooth operation. A massive frame assures better penetration in hard packed surfaces. The heavy duty frogs guard against damage when encountering hidden obstructions. Easy one-point leveling system and adjustable router bits make routine maintenance quick and easy.

  8' 10'
Power Requirement 60-70 hp (45-55 kW) 70-80 hp (50-60 kW)
Width 122.75" (3,118mm) 146.75 (3,727mm)
Weight 2,260# (1,025 kg) 2,550# (1,157 kg)
Length 194" (4,928mm)
Height (operating) 48.62" (1,235mm)
Height (transport) 60.60" (1,539mm)
Tires (4) 9.5Lx 15
Hitch Clevis, Single Tongue, Lunette
Cutting Edges 1"x6: (25.4x152mm) double bevel, high carbon, hardfaced
Lighting Warning, turn, tail and stop
Hydraulic requirement One circuit
Electrical requirement 7 pin connector
Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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