DB Scraper  

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The "Dump-Bowl" Scraper gives real earth moving ability to small tractors. Move dirt fast, with agility and efficiency from one location to another, without dragging it over grass or sidewalks. Pulled behind a 35-50hp tractor, this unit can dig ponds and ditches, shape playgrounds and golf courses, or level roads and driveways. It's as much at home in metropolitan developments, as well as on the farm.
Dump Bowl Scraper
Dump Bowl Scraper The trunnion style hitch and gooseneck frame provide for up to 90 degree turns, with 30 degrees of oscillation, for exceptional agility on rough terrain.
Material can be spread thin or stock piled, with full control of the bowl dump angle and blade height. Dump Bowl Scraper
Dump Bowl Scraper The "segmented frost bit" style blade increases penetration in hard soil, while maintaining a flat cut.
Narrow over-all width allows for working close to buildings or other obstructions. Large tires give flotation in soft soil. Dump Bowl Scraper

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DB Scraper
  DB-4 DB-5 DB-6
Effective Width 48" (1219mm) 60" (1524mm) 72" (1829mm)
Overall Width 54" (1372mm) 66" (1676mm) 78" (1981mm)
Maximum Depth 4.0" (101mm) 4.0" (101mm) 4.0" (114mm)
Trans. Clearance* 4.5" (114mm) 4.5" (114mm) 4.5" (114mm)
Load Capacity 0.9cu.yd (0.69cuM) 1.1cu.yd (0.83cuM) 1.3cu.yd (1.0cuM)
Length 123.75" (3143mm) 123.75" (3143mm) 123.75" (3143mm)
Height 32.3" (825mm) 32.3" (825mm) 32.3" (825mm)
Weight 980lbs (445kg) 1000lbs (454kg) 1065lbs (483kg)
Cutting Edge Frost Bit Style Frost Bit Style Frost Bit Style
Tires 25-8.5 x 14 26-12x12.00 26-12x12.00
Power Required 25-35hp (18-25kW) 35-50hp (25-37kW) 45-50hp (33-37kW)
Hitch Required Cat 1-three point Cat 1-three point Cat 1-three point
Hydraulic Required 1 circuit 1 circuit 1 circuit

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